About Us

During the severl years,establish a good relationship with the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet,and have good operation records.Based on these good records, our agency deal with the Tibetan permits are fast,let us on the issues relating to entry Tibet have more advantages.Our agency have close cooperation with scenic spot,these cooperation let us in the price, on the trip, in the operation has a more obvious advantage.These advantages, so that we can serve you wholeheartedly for you.


China Youth Travel Service is belong to Communist Youth League Central subordinate agencies, founded in 1980 in Beijing City,is called “CYTS” for short.For more than 30 years, CYTS headquarters under the leadership of the Central Committee Secretariat, with the policy of reform and opening to the outside world and their own advantages, brave to reform, and constantly open up, rapid development, become the backbone enterprise of China’s tourism industry.Sichuan China Youth Travel Service Co., Ltd., belonging to China CYTS Tours Holding Group Co., Ltd., is National Tourism Administration approved the operation of domestic tourism, inbound tourism and outbound tourism travel agency is 30 strong travel agencies throughout the country.Our company belongs to the sichuan China youth travel service,is a branch to receive guests enter Tibet.Chengdu and Lhasa offices have staffs to serve you.We have professional staff responsible for on line, schedule, and coordinate with the hotel, create best value for your trip to Tibet;A professional front desk staff, to provide professional travel advice for you.

The headquarter of our company is in Lhasa,we have our own professional guides who have tourist certificate,can speak Chinese,Tibetan and English.Most of our guides are Tibetan, they understand the Tibetan history,culture,religious beliefs,habits,It is not just the knowledge that comes from books, is belong to their own lives.We have professional staffs go to Tibet to visit the hotels, the lines, for you to customize the most comfortable, cost-effective, with local characteristics of the trip.  All our agency vehicles  are regular vehicles legitimate holder, ensure that you travel safety, remove your travel concerns.We set up an office in Chengdu, there are staffs responsible for answering your all questions about Tibet, recommending suitable for your trip , and solving all your travel relevant issues.





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