Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street


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The busiest street in Lhasa.
* History: from the 7th century
* Distance from downtown:0
* Entrance fee: 0
* Open Hours: All day
* Address: city center
* Best visiting time: All year around
Barkhor Street
The Barkhor Street located at the old downtown of Lhasa,it’s the famous circumanbulate and the center of business,  keeping the old tradition and the way of living relative completely.The old Barkhor Street is just circumanbulate for pilgrims ,Tibetan called it “holy road”.,it expands to a old block around the Jokhang Temple now,it’s the most bustling street in Lhasa.It includes the barkhor north 、south、west and east street compose the polygonal ring street.The whole circumference is more than 1km,there are many forks in the street,and 35 alleys.

It developed as the Jokhang Temple’s construction and the pilgrims,It has a history of more than 1300 years.In the 7 century,Songtsen Gampo ordered to build the Jokhang Temple,at the same time built four palaces around the temple ,those are the earlist buildings.Go by this steet,there is a two floors high building looks so ordinary at the No.24 courtyard ,barkhor north street.It is the first one of the four palaces,and also the first house in the Barkhor Street.Before the Jokhang Temple was built,It’s the simple residence for Songtsan Gambo himself.



Most buildings in Barkhor Street are white,there is only a yellow house at the southeast of Barkhor Street.That is the Secret palace for the 6th Dalai Lama.According to legend, this is the place that Tsangyang Gyatso and makye ame met each other  in those days.“Makye Ame”is a legend,means holy mother,pure girl.The deep meanning is a beautiful dream.





It is the famous street of smallware,also the old and holy place.Besides you can buy souvenirs,you can also tast the Tibetan local food.Tibetan medicine is famous the world,do not miss buy or watch the ganoderma lucidum , saffron, Chinese caterpillar fungus, snow lotus, and so on.

1、There are so many vendors,some of them sell the same things at the different price.You’d better ask several vendors and choose the right  price you think.
2、You should follow the Tibet tradition,walking around the street as clockwise.

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