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Lulang is 80km far from tibet of bayi town in Nyingchi area,located in deep mountains,3700 meters above sea level.Superior geographical position, rich tourism resources,Mainly by the glacier landscape, alpine valleys and animal and plant resources of landscape,is the glaciers, mountains, canyons, meadows, forests, rivers, lakes and other landscape coexist and rare top tourism source sites around the world,known as ” Tibet Jiangnan”, “The eastern Switzerland” of reputation. Lulang means “Dragon Valley”、“the place the the Gods live ”in Tibetan .Main landscape have Sejila national Forest Park,azaleas、pastoral scenery and Zhaxigang valley where have strong folk customs .

The best tourist season:all seasons,the four seasons are different.May-Jun :azaleas in full bloom,enjoy the prairie, azaleas, snow capped mountains as one of the unique beauty;July-August:it is summer ,late October to give priority to with snow in winter.Scenic area is in the vast expanse of the original forest, ecological environment is protected very well, biological species diversity and unique,the plant species are as high as 1046 kinds,there are a variety of flowers, herbs and fungi.At the same time also has a huge, golden buckwheat parker a huge number of national key protected plants.


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    Necessary expenses deduction

    1′Tourists cancel the contract or inbound travel agency cancel the contract according to the
    provisions of paragraph


    Date of Cancellation Charge Incurred
    1 months in advance 20% of total trip cost, excludes the lost caused by refunding air tickets.
    7 to 29 days in advance 50% of total trip cost, excludes the lost caused by refunding air tickets.
    Less than 7 days in advance 100% of total trip cost, excludes the lost caused by refunding air tickets.
    No show up 100% of total trip cost

    2、Cancellation 10 days before departure due to political reason or natural force,
    No cancellation charge on local tour, but the lost caused by refunding flight tickets
    and train tickets is on travelers.

    Inbound tourist agencies to assist the return and bear the expenses
    Cancel the contract during the trip,inbound travel agency should help the tourists return to
    the starting point or tourists specified
    reasonable location.Due to travel agents or Performance assistants to fulfill the reasons
    leading to the termination of the
    contract(not including force majeure or have reasonable attention obligation still
    cannot avoid the incident),
    return the expenses borne by the inbound travel agency;according to the provisions of
    paragraph 2 in article 9、paragraph 2 in article 10 and paragraph 3 in article 10 to
    cancel the contract,bear by tourists.

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