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The second largest monastery of Tibet
History: Built from1419AD
Distance from downtown: 4.8km from Potala Palace.
*Entrance fee:RMB55 P/P in high season(April21th-October 19th)
  RMB25 P/P in low season(October 20th-April 20th )
*Opening time:9:00-16:00,most of the palace halls are closed at 15:00.
* Recommended Visiting Time: Two or Three hours
* Address: No.1, Sera Monastery, Lhasa.
* TransportationTake No.16/24 bus to Sera road.Or spend about RMB15 to taking a taxi there.
*  Best visiting time: June – October



Sera Monastery, alias “Wild Roses Monastery”.About the origin of its name is attributed to a fact that the site where the monastery was built was surrounded by wild roses in bloom.
It is the second largest monastery in Tibet,with the Drepung、 Ganden monastery collectively were known as the three major monasteries in Lhasa,and was built latest .It started to be built from 1419 AD,completed in 1434 AD,there are more than 8000 monks in its heyday,after the Drepung monastery.It was extended in dynasties,formed the scale today.There was no tatal planning on plane layout.The buildings close without squeeze .miscellaneous without chaos, suit local circumstances,and highlight the main part. It expressions of Gulug Sect’s uniquel style,and as if it’s a religious city.As one of the major monasteries in Lhasa,it may not as grand and colourful as the Drepung Monastery,but the scripture debating is most characteristic,absolutely.Scripture debating is that monks discuss about Buddhism knowledge to each other what they learned by themselves,it is also the way to study knowledge.It happens everyday at Sera Monastery,it’s a challenging discussion,the polemics often enhanced strength with their hand signal help.they clap to urge the other to answer the questions as soon as possible,or use their mala means the power aid of Buddha to beat the other.

There are so many precious cultural relics of Buddha statues、Thangka、Scriptures and ritual implement in Sera Monastery.It kept more than 10 thousand Vajrapani Bodhisattva in the temple,most of them were made by Tibetanlocal producer,and some bronze Buddha come from India and inland of China.The main hall and all the zhacangs
kept a large amount of colourful wall painting.The most famous statue is the Hayagriva which appear one of the thousands of Kwan-yin Badhisattva’s transformations.
There is best-known Festival as the “Sera Bengqin Festival”,which is uniquely to blessing uniquely vajra pestl
Only at Sera Monastery. According to legend, it came a Vajra from India in the late of 15th century. Following a
tradition ,theNgaba Zhacang’s setrap chen would take the vajra pestl to the Potala Palace as fast as possible in
the morning of the 27th Dec,after Dalai Lama prays to the Buddha to bestow strength and blesses the Pestle,the
Setrap chen would take it back to Sera Monastery.Then the Khenpo of the Ngaba Zhacang will hold it in his
hand and  place the pestle on the monks and followers who believe that the power and support of the Buddha
are transferred. Tens of thousands of believers come to witness this event as it only occurs at the Sera
Monastery.There are ten thousands of believers come here.

1.The place of scripture debating is on the north of the path.The start time is from 3:00 pm.
2.Visit and take the photo to scripture debating,please keep quiet,and do not go near.
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