Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake


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One of the four holy lakes in Tibet.
* Distance from downtown: 1.5KM from Potala Palace.
*Entrance fee:RMB 40p/p
*Opening time:all day
* Recommended Visiting Time: one hour
* Address: Langkazi County, Shannan, Tibet   
*  Best visiting time: all year



The Yamdrok Lake is less than 100 km from Lhasa.It means “swan lake” in Tibetan language.It located at south of the Yarlung Zangbo River,within the Nagarze county.The altitude of the lake surface is 4441 meters,it is 130km long from east to west,70km wide from north to south,and the lakeline is 250km. The total area of it is 638km².It is the the largest one in the north of Himalayas,and the 5th largest lake in Tibet.The average depth is 20-40 meters ,and the deepest is 60 meters.

The Yamdrok Lake is one of the three holy lakes,the others two are Namtso and Manasarovar lakes.It is honoured as”the most beautiful water in the world.”The Yamdrok Lake literal meaning is “the lake like jasper”,it is “the scattered turquoise earrings of goddness” In Tibetan hearts.No matter what the angle you see the lake,you can not see the full view. You can pleasantly surprised that it is looks like earrings just on the map or in the high altitude.Irradiation of the sun at different times,it can show extremely rich in blue,like dreamy.It looks like a picture,laks and mountains,as if heaven on the earth.It is the special scenic spots,which includes lakes、snow mountain、islands、prairie、hot spring、wild animals and plants、temples.Around there is a perennial insoluble snow mountain,the highest altitude is more than 7000 meters.All the water of the lake come from the snow-water of  Nyenchen Tanglha. There is no outlet,Snow water inflows and natural evaporation at a peculiar dynamic balance.

According to folklore, a fairy come to the earth become the Yamdrok Lake.it is recorded,Yamdrok Lake is similar in form a scorpion, it as 9 small lakes.The Buddha was worry about that many lives would be dried out and died. So the Buddha throwed the gold into the lake,and prayed,they wer connected together. The shape of padmasambhava handheld iron scorpion.it is the female protective deities.Therefore, the Yamdrok Lake is not only Dragon avatar,but also female protective deities live here.

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