Tibetan antelope into the migration season forest police escort

Time to enter late May, Qiangtang grassland on the rain more up, grass green, living in this piece of land on the wild animals who ushered in the best season of the year. Looking for spouses, mating, breeding offspring … … a series of important activities are carried out in this wonderful time. National level to protect animals Tibetan antelope is no exception, they should be the most beautiful scenery in the Qiangtang, the most abundant food began to migrate, breeding

Many people know the Tibetan antelope is the “migration” of the label, but in fact not all of the Tibetan antelope will participate in migration. Reporters learned that the end of April each year, the male and female antelope began to group, and less than one year old dolls will be separated from the mother antelope, to 5,6 months, the mother antelope and its migratory migratory to the lambs, – 7 months after the birth of the mother antelope and the rate of the original path to return to the winter and sheep together, even if the completion of a migration process. In other words, the male Tibetan antelope is not involved in migration, so strictly only adult female Tibetan antelope and their female descendants will migrate, they each year from the winter mating to the summer lambs to migrate. Young male Tibetan antelopes will leave the community, together with other young or adult male Tibetan antelopes, until the final formation of a mixed community.

Post time: May-25-2017


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