Tibet Permit 

In view of the special national traditions, cultural relics and ecological environment protection in Tibet,as well as, because of Tibet’s traffic conditions and tourist service facilities and reception capacity.The government provides for non Chinese citizen identity ,the foreign tourists 、Taiwan tourists and Overseas Chinese,must deal with “ Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit” [TTB], before entering the Tibet.


Tibet Entry Permit – The “Tibet Visa” [TTB]

If you plan to travel Tibet,you have to get TTB first, and you only obtain this permit from us.After you get this permit you will be allowed buy the air ticket or train ticket to entry Tibet.


How to apply for a Tibet Entry Permit?
1、If you are “L” visa holder,please prepare the following documents before asking us to apply the permit:
   A) a copy of your valid Passport
   B) a copy of your Chinese visa
   C) Full names, Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, Passport Number, Occupation
2、If you are “D” visa holder,please submit to your certificate of employment or certificate of residence
3、If you are “F” visa holder,please submit to the invitation of the Chinese side to prove
4、If you are “X” visa holder,please submit to your school certificate.
Matters Needing Attention
1、Foreigners must be in the Tibet group, not be allowed self-help, independent travel, by the travel agency to provide full tourism products,such as: accommodation, tour guide, car, line arrangement.
2、Suggestions to deal with Chinese visa, select a tourist visa (L)
3、Foreign journalists, diplomats may not be in the name of tourism in Tibet.
4、In Tibet travel, please cooperate with the travel agency arrangement, can not be allowed to leave the group or free activities.
5、Respect the local folk customs of Tibet, including Tibetan Buddhism culture。
6、Nyingchi Brahmaputra grand canyon it is not open to foreigners and Taiwan compatriots, can’t go.
7、Foreign guests to Ngari, Nyingchi Bome Ranwu lake areas need special approval.
8、Foreign guests to Ngari and Everest region need to be for longer than the ordinary line into the Tibetan permit to deal with time.


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