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Rudrakshathe Large evergreen broad-leaved trees。Scientific name is ElaeocarpusGanitru,its type is tiliaceae.Mainly grows in the plateau area of more than 2000 meters above sea level.

Rudraksha grow in the southern border region of Ganges River in center of Himalaya, Nepal.The top grade Rudraksha grow in the surrounding area of Nepal,where just only about 20% of the total Rudraksha production, rare and  precious.After fully mature ,it has a blue shell,so it is also called blueberry,can be used to treat various diseases.According to different numbers of petals have different mysterious meanings. Generally divide into 1 to 17 petals.Each have their own meaning.Rudraksha means so hard,all-conquering,has the power to destroy all evil.

It is said that rudraksha is the tear of Shri Shiva in Hinduism.The name of Shiva appeared in Hindu era,it means merciful,stands for prosperous and auspicious,also stands for destroy,having the power to destroy and regeneration. The third eye on the forehead is a terrible weapon than a nuclear bomb。This eye always closed,once it opened spurts out anger fire,destroying all it had seen,even god can’t escape.So people always think that rudraksha has boundless energy,according to the different number of petals, have different functions.

One petal:Take away your evil,add wealth to the family ,satisfy your craving,keep you away from danger, will bring you good habits
Two petals:If you are a parent, it can bless your children, relieve your stress.
Three petals:Good for education, keep your mind clear, give you good ideas and knowledge.
Four petals:Ensure you against diseases, help you avoid natural disasters. The bigger , the better.
Five petals:Create the peaceful environment in the home, keep the peace of mind. At the same time can represent the continuity and integrity of space and time, the universe is a symbol of things a perfect state of being.
Six petals:Important for business, increase money.
Seven petals:Bring you success, increase your money and fame,bless based on an invincible position.
Eight petals:Control your temper, bring family peace, give you power
Nine petals:Give you confidence, the promotion of wealth and knowledge
Ten petals:Bring you fame, get social respect.
Eleven petals:Relieve the pain and sadness, give children happiness.
Twelve patals:Reduce the physical and mental stress and accident
Thirteen petals:To help reduce the evil, to make you powerful, to bring you wealth
Fourteen petals:To help you achieve your desires, to bring happiness, and to ensure that you are not subject to any disaster.
Sixteen petals:Ganesh.Rvdraksh(Indian dialect)on behalf of her husband’s long life, provide the inner peace.
Seventeen petals:PANCH.MVKHI.MALA(Indian dialect)for high blood pressure, heart disease and the spirits of people have always harassed effects under his protection
Eighteen petals:EK.MVKHI(Indian dialect)have the same effect as the one petal.

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    Necessary expenses deduction

    1′Tourists cancel the contract or inbound travel agency cancel the contract according to the
    provisions of paragraph


    Date of Cancellation Charge Incurred
    1 months in advance 20% of total trip cost, excludes the lost caused by refunding air tickets.
    7 to 29 days in advance 50% of total trip cost, excludes the lost caused by refunding air tickets.
    Less than 7 days in advance 100% of total trip cost, excludes the lost caused by refunding air tickets.
    No show up 100% of total trip cost

    2、Cancellation 10 days before departure due to political reason or natural force,
    No cancellation charge on local tour, but the lost caused by refunding flight tickets
    and train tickets is on travelers.

    Inbound tourist agencies to assist the return and bear the expenses
    Cancel the contract during the trip,inbound travel agency should help the tourists return to
    the starting point or tourists specified
    reasonable location.Due to travel agents or Performance assistants to fulfill the reasons
    leading to the termination of the
    contract(not including force majeure or have reasonable attention obligation still
    cannot avoid the incident),
    return the expenses borne by the inbound travel agency;according to the provisions of
    paragraph 2 in article 9、paragraph 2 in article 10 and paragraph 3 in article 10 to
    cancel the contract,bear by tourists.
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