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Star-moon Bodhi is seed of Daemonorops margaritae, because every grain of the beads have a bigger and many dots, looks like many stars hold the moon , therefore said to star-moon Bodhi. Known as Bodhi “Four big famous bead.

On the market to see a variety of specifications and shape of the Bodhi product after post processing.Because of different wear time length,the bodhi color and smoothness will be different.If you often wear,star-moon Bodhi Seed Color and smoothness will be increasingly high,color will gradually deep,the whole will be even more beautiful and even “jadify”.

The profound meaning of Bodhi bead is not only accomplished Bodhi,but also means role to ward off evil.Wear Bodhi bead son can grow in wisdom, remove the worry.

Wearing Bodhi bead have a lot of fastidious,.Ipeople worn the star-moon Bodhi in more than thousands or only one.Different number has a different meaning.Then,Select the current common some beaded number to explain:

1080:This is the largest number of star-moon Bodhi beads that can be verifiable. 1080 beads coincides with the “1080 kinds of troubles of ten spiritual realms,each realm have 108 kinds of troubles. This style more appear on a meeting or other important occasions ceremonies,and often wear by some highly respected monks,not always see in the ordinary days.

108:Relatively speaking, the number of beads is more common, we can see many .To eliminate 108 kinds of trouble, get physical and mental stability,make no desire without the attitude.The people who practicing Buddhists would like choose this number.In addition,wearing 108 beads also have the protective yourself meaning in the Taoist culture。

18:This number is common,auspicious and easy to carry.

14:Like 18, this number is also common.Especially many young people extremely favored this kind of beads.

12:In Buddhism,often have “Twelve Nidanas”said,worldly things are born karma and go for Karma,the 12 beads on show this “The Twelve factors of dependent”.

6:Represents the ears, nose, tongue, eyes, body, meaning this “six senses”, refer to the six senses and six kinds of awareness of people.
3:Stand for “Buddha”, “ Dharma”, and “Sangha”,mostly holders are the devout Buddhist.

1:Generally speaking, a bead is often more valuable,choosing the high material value,expressing the aesthetic taste of the wearer’s art, it can be carried or hung in the home, reflecting the people’s wishes for peace and happiness.

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