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TunBa town,Nyemo County is the hometown of founder who created Tibetan language, the incense producing technique of the town was imparted by the founder in the seventh century A. D. Nyemo incense is known for Tibet‘s first saint is fragrant.Its secret formula,it is said to have 30 kinds of Tibetan medicine preparation, the production process is long and rigorous.Tunba ,is the place where Nyemo incense manual production. The villagers got the founders antique completely,in the process of making all meticulous.


The raw materials and production processes require extremely harsh of Tibetan incense. Because the main purpose is used in religious rituals, so in the process of making everything to holy, otherwise it will be regarded as the gods of disrespect.Traditional Tibetan incense has various and complicated raw materials, the general is a cypress tree trunks as main material, and then the Tibetan safflower and musk, white sandalwood, red sandalwood, cardamom, pangolin, , borneol, and dozens of kinds of spices according to a proper proportion of ingredients and knead it.It is understood, used to make incense cypress tree trunks, such a high altitude of Tunba does not grow, the villagers have to transport from Nyingchi county to some of the accessories and production of incense, even imported from India.

The Tibetan incense use pure natural pollution-free unique to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau more than 30 kind of Tibetan herbal medicine, not only can be used for Buddhist activities, but also has to kill bacteria, get rid of the dirty air, prevent colds and other infectious diseases, enhance sleep, and other unique medical effect, on the human body there is no harm. Nyemo Tibetan incense as a branch of Tibetan medicine and its unique medical efficacy has already be Tibetan people are familiar with and know, it containing the snow plateau culture deeply.

Production process
Firstly, cut the cypress tree trunks into small segments and peel them,then punch a hole in the middle,and a maple tightly inserted,and then the wood hanging on the water wheel.Under the water wheel to drive,the wood without stop  day and night on a slab of slot until ground into mud. In this process, from time to time to add water into the slot , not let cypress trees powered blowing in the wind.The water yield added is to rely on the experience to master, add water  too less, the wind will blow the cypress powered away;too more, at a later stage to spend a lot of time to drying. The drying time is too long will lose much cypress original aroma. So this process is generally by the special person in charge.

Secondly,rub the cypress mud and various spices.Spices is usually to dozens of Tibetan medicine composite system, different spices have different flavors and colors,Insider said: “Tibetan incense is necessary before the Buddhist activities, so, before rub, washing hands and cleaning apparatus to continuing the original holy and pious, on the one hand is to ensure the incense quality, is more important, to wash away the inner thoughts, spotless, the heart like a mirror”.

Thirdly,mixed with various spices wood mud into the horn, and then squeezed out. This is production of Tibetan incense together is the key procedure, forming the incense requirements into a straight line shape. In this process, straight, a test of the makers of perseverance and patience.

Production of Tibetan incense of the drying, the drying process is very important, not for a long time exposure, can only be put in sunny but the temperature is not high. This is due to the preparation of incense material, a small proportion of the water, which can make fragrance more pure. Tibetan incense after drying program for the last two or three days can sell packaging, it used the world the most pure sunshine, contains a snow covered plateau is the most pure fragrance, silently to the world speak Tibetan religious beliefs.

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