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Winter for many northern or mountain attractions, is a rare tourist off-season. To avoid peak flow, choose off-season travel, not only to see the unique landscape, but also enjoy better service, in addition, a variety of travel costs are also substantial price cuts, as long as you master these scenic tourist guide manual off-season, Make sure you can enjoy a perfect holiday!

Potala Palace Winter Tour Tips:

1, the Potala Palace every day to limit the number of visitors, so many cases in the opening hours after more than 1 hour no longer sell tickets. In addition, every Monday, 3, 5 is the day of Tibetan Buddhism, a lot of people.

2, the hall than the cold, even if the summer is also best to prepare a jacket, the winter can be imagined. Hall if you want to take pictures, charges high, it is recommended that the camera hanging in the chest, do not play flash blind shot, can be satisfied.

3, less intrauterine toilet is also hard to find, the best before the tour at the entrance to resolve as well.


Tour Introduction


The first part focuses on the White House. The White House was founded in 1645, which lasted eight years, to Songtsan Gampo when the original Guanyin Church as the center, east to west from the construction of a huge temple. The walls of the temple were painted white, from afar, particularly eye-catching, people call it the “White House.”

Hall furnishings luxury, Jinpenyu bowl, jewels, showing the status of the owner of the noble. Palace, there is a large balcony, from here you can overlook the city of Lhasa. The distance is rolling mountains, the beautiful Lhasa River is like a ribbon, floated from the horizon. Near the piece Tianlong terraced rice paddies, green trees cottage, as well as the ancient Jokhang Temple resplendent golden dome.

The second part focuses on the Red Palace, which is mainly a place of religious activity and a temple of worship. The White House is the center of the Dalai Lama’s room and political activities. Red and white seamless, fully embodies the old Tibet, the social characteristics of unity. Since the completion of the White House, the Fifth Dalai Lama from Drepung moved here, until his death. Since then the Dalai Lama will be the Potala Palace as their own living and religious activities, so the Potala Palace became a sacrifice of Lama and religious believers.

Potala Palace murals can be divided into four categories: religious stories, customs, biographies, historical events. In the history of the Potala Palace, the scenes of the expansion of the Potala Palace were vividly recorded; the mural paintings of the Princess Wencheng in Tibet depict the harmonious coexistence of the Han and Tibetan nationalities in the seventh century; on the wall of the Western Basilica was the Dalai Lama’s visit to Beijing in 1652 Shunzhi emperor’s murals; thirteenth Dalai Laila hall, then painted the 13th Dalai Lama to Beijing to see the Emperor Guangxu and Empress Dowager Cixi scenes. Palace there are nearly a thousand pagodas, tens of thousands of statues, a large number of Thangka and Bayeux, Jinzhuerjing and other precious cultural relics books.

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