【Tips】 in Tibet, which travel to prevent motion sickness skills


1 orange peel: about 1 hour before the ride, the fresh orange peel surface outward, inward fold, and then aligned two nostrils squeeze two fingers, the skin will be sprayed with aromatic oil mist. Can be inhaled more than 10 times, according to this method on the way to travel at any time to smell.

鲜姜2.fresh ginger: fresh ginger on the way to go in his hand, at any time under the smell of the nose, the spicy flavor inhaled the nose. Can also be attached to the ginger on the navel, with a good wet injury pain cream paste.

风油精3.Fengyoujing: riding on the road, the wind essential oil paint in the temple or Fengchi hole. Can also be two drops of essential oil balm in the belly button, and covered with wet wound pain cream.

食醋4.Vinegar: drink a glass of vinegar before the warm water, can effectively prevent vertigo in the journey

Post time: 12-06-2016


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