【Tips】 into the Tibet in winter precautions

Winter in Tibet relative to the summer air oxygen content is low, so at this time into the possession of the tourists need to pay more attention to prevention and treatment, including headache, dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, including altitude sickness. Tibet, the first three days to rest as much as possible, less activities, tourism activities should not be too frequent.

The snow-covered plateau in winter is bright and beautiful. However, air oxygen content in Tibet is lower than in summer, the climate is dry and the temperature difference between day and night is large, which may aggravate the discomfort to the environment of the plateau. Experts advise visitors to Tibet should pay attention to the following matters.

Mild altitude sickness does not matter, the body can automatically adapt to the plateau environment. If the altitude sickness is not very serious, it is recommended not to oxygen, so you can speed up the pace of adaptation to high altitude environment. As the butter tea to a certain extent, to ease the altitude sickness, it is recommended that visitors can drink early on the plateau.

After three days in Tibet to rest as much as possible, less activity, tourism activities should not be too frequent, the body load should not be too heavy. Lhasa nowadays the temperature in the urban area is generally minus 10 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius between the fluctuations, large temperature difference between day and night, especially in the morning and evening temperatures are low, tourists in the possession of tourism must pay special attention to warm.

During the Tibetan attention to drink plenty of water, so that the body to maintain adequate water; while eating to avoid eating spicy food, eat more digestible food, eat more vegetables and fruit; try not to smoke and drink. At the same time, first came to the plateau should be taken to avoid frequent bathing, so as not to cause a cold, and colds are often the main cause of acute high altitude pulmonary edema.

Post time: 12-12-2016


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