【Tips】 “Tibet Tourism” Please note: respect for folk customs


Winter is the most concentrated season for traditional festivals and rituals in Tibet. Because of the time period in which local culture is concentrated, many Tibetan customs and taboos should be noted.

Winter is the most concentrated season of Tibetan traditional festivals and rallies, Bailam Festival, Lantern Festival, Tibetan New Year, summoned Dafa … … These are undoubtedly the best time for visitors to appreciate the charm of Tibetan culture.

However, precisely because of the local culture embodies the time period, many customs and taboos should be noted, do not offended. Tibetans are warm and hospitable, but the premise is mutual respect.

In addition, “Tibet Tourism”, in order to have fun, to ensure good health is a crucial point. Body is the capital of revolution, for travel, the significance of equally important.

Cold clothing is essential. Tibet during the daytime temperature is relatively high, but the temperature difference between day and night, the night is still difficult to resist the cold, it is recommended to carry down jacket or thick jacket with Jackets, try to avoid going out at night.

Sunglasses are always indispensable to go to Tibet essential items. In winter, the ultraviolet ray of Tibet is much stronger than other cities and regions. Wearing sunglasses is definitely not just for the cool, in addition to effective resistance to UV damage, but also can effectively prevent snow blindness. As the winter of Tibet to reduce the amount of green plants, oxygen content also decreased, more or less in winter to increase the chance of high anti-anti, anti-high anti-drugs such as Rhodiola proposed. Large temperature difference between day and night in winter, the possibility of a cold increase, so cold medicine and anti-inflammatory drugs indispensable.

Post time: 01-03-2017


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