【Transportation】 Take a taxi in downtown Lhasa

Lhasa taxi hit the table to implement billing, starting at 10 yuan / 5km, more than by 2 yuan / km basis. As the urban area of Lhasa is small, it is generally within the starting price. But far away from the urban area, the driver will offer 15-20 yuan a price, visitors can refuse a price and asked to play table, the other to get off work and leisure time difficult to fight the car, car phenomenon is also more serious, it is recommended visitors friends We avoid the peak of a taxi, so as not to affect travel mood. Go to the outskirts of Drepung Monastery, Sera and other cities will be more than the starting price. Charter one day costs about 200-300 yuan, the off-season will be cheaper.

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Post time: 12-29-2016


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