Hiking in Tibet


Life is an uninterrupted and no turning back travel, some people care about is the length of the journey, and some people care about is the depth of the journey. Like outdoor enthusiasts are keen to hike or mountain climbing, as some people are to conquer, and some people are to feel. However, whether it is to conquer or feel, will be in the process more or less understand the meaning of life.

Hiking is one of the more popular outdoor activities in Tibet, many people think that outdoor walking is very simple, is to walk, no skills at all. However, this seemingly simple thing is not so easy to imagine, put into action requires a lot of preparation.

Before Tibet’s outdoor activities, must make a thorough consideration of their own, this consideration includes physical condition, the basic survival skills on foot to grasp the situation, the natural assessment of foot areas and so on. “Before walking, there must be a distance of the concept, for example, today’s goal is to go eighteen kilometers a day, you need to know what the concept of eighteen kilometers, in what way and speed to complete such a journey.

When you have their own physical fitness, distance, etc. with a basic concept of positioning, with the basic conditions on foot. However, it is necessary to understand the natural conditions of the area where the trekking route is passing, such as distance, rainy season, climate, natural disasters, etc. Only in this basic situation can we understand the corresponding equipment and emergency countermeasures. For example, when the foot is just the local rainy season, you need to prepare waterproof clothes; such as no supply point along the footpath, it is necessary according to distance and time to prepare food. These must be done in advance homework, or walking on the road when there will be a lot of trouble.

Many people think that Hiking and travel is a concept that is walking while enjoying the scenery. In fact, there are differences between walking and travel, walking on the focus is to walk, and requires a certain speed, so luggage can not be too heavy equipment to choose light and practical. Every piece of equipment is essential, because in the process of walking, not necessarily when the accident occurs.

Post time: 12-26-2016


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