how to apply for a visa to Nepal in Tibet

Many people travel to Tibet, plenty of time will take the opportunity to travel around in Nepal, after all, Nepal rich exotic and Buddhist color always evoke people’s infinite reveries. Nepal visa in Tibet, very convenient, because the Nepalese Consulate General in Lhasa, 13 in the Norbuling Road, adjacent to Norbulingka Park.

If it is not on Friday or holidays in Nepal, usually the morning after the submission of materials, the next afternoon will be able to get a Nepal visa. Nepalese Consulate General in Lhasa, visa officer to work time, Monday to Friday 10 am to 12:30, the other time is not office.

Nepal visa, you need the original passport (more than 6 months validity), two two-inch passport (white), and fill out an application form can be. Nepal visa fee is currently divided into several files: 15 days of visa 175 yuan, 280 yuan a month visa, three months of 700 yuan. The best plan in the application before the exact time, because the delay until the Nepalese extension of domestic expensive – extended delay 15 days 30 US dollars, extended 30 days 60 US dollars.

In addition, if your passport is the second or even the third, the visa officer will allow you to provide the old passport has been canceled. If you belong to this situation, be sure to bring the old, once asked to produce to the visa officer, so you can ensure that you get a smooth visa. Or will be temporarily not be accepted until you bring the old passport or a copy of the original, and a copy of the review takes two or three days, so that the delay of at least a week, as many as ten days.

Nepal visa in Tibet, if you want to save time and effort, it is best to go before handling, to the Nepalese consulate to make a phone call to ask.

Consulate General of Nepal in Lhasa Details:

Address: 13 Loblinka Road, Lhasa

Post time: 01-04-2017


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