Tibet Mayday, the best time to watch peony flowers

Peony beautiful color, known as “the king of flowers” in the world, has always been the representative of elegant. In the cultivation type, mainly according to the color of flowers, there are more than 3000 varieties. “Tibet is very suitable for planting peony, because the wasteland is much, the climate is cold and dry.The peony light here is more than 100 varieties of Purple Peony .In addition to Feng Dan, large flower yellow peony, yellow peony and the Central Plains Peony. There are three main purposes, ornamental, medicinal and oil use.

The real wild peonies in Tibet are yellow peony and yellow flower peony. Huangmudan is a national third-grade protected plant, which is endemic to the southwest of China. Huanghua Peony is an endemic species of Tibet, so it is a great progress in artificial cultivation of the agricultural academy.




Post time: 12-16-2016


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