Tibet tourism small knowledge

Tibet is indeed a worthy place to go, no matter how you go with the purpose of your feelings and gains will be different, so Tibet is a place worthy of life, the kind of Aura, that is difficult to express the feelings of words, only Their own experience to know. Such a beautiful place in fact, a lot of small knowledge we need to pay attention.

Tibet is a plateau region, there will be altitude sickness, blood pressure disease, heart disease can not go. This is to go to Tibet is also a group of people pay attention to. Tibet to bring a lot of things, Tibet sunshine world long, strong ultraviolet light. We need to bring their own sunscreen, reflective glasses, as well as a large temperature difference in Tibet, to bring their own clothing. Another point, to the unfamiliar Tibet, and he should bring some of the emergency use of drugs, fear of illness can not adapt to what, you can guard against use.

If you are a smoker who loves to drink, you should reduce your smoking when traveling to Tibet. Because the more smoking the more intense altitude sickness, which is a little common sense. To Tibet to play is a physical exertion, to maintain a pleasant mood, do not stay up late to sleep early, to ensure adequate sleep time, help the next day to start the journey. If we want to carry some items, such as daily necessities, such as toothpaste, a class of things, do not fill too full, high altitude pressure.

Special attention is in the tourist attractions Bajiao Street, we walk in the direction to pass along the clockwise direction, this is one of their customs, it can be easily from the crowd out, but also respect the Tibetan gods a method. Tibet has a lot of customs, such as the celestial burial, if not allowed, we do not watch, not to take pictures, this is disrespectful to others.

We are on the road to prepare some snacks candy, small gifts and the like, we need to ask the way when you can give children, thank you for helping people, they will be very happy. The best in Tibet to eat cooked food, generally sold in stores. A lot of little knowledge about Tibet’s attention should be kept in mind, which will help us to have a pleasant journey. Beautiful places always leave us unforgettable memories. Our unforgettable trip to Tibet, in the happy at the same time do not forget these very small knowledge, it is very helpful to us, mastered it our journey will be more enjoyable.

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Post time: 12-21-2016


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