Tibetan Culture and Tattoo Art


Tattoo art has always been favored by young people around the world. In Tibet, when tattoo art meets Tibetan culture, what kind of experience will it bring to visitors?

Tattoo as a custom, has a long history of development, evolution. Although the tattoo has long been excluded from the mainstream culture, but its cultural and artistic color always exists. More often, the tattoo is considered by the public as a violent color of the art form. With the social progress, people’s concept of opening, tattoo phenomenon has gradually been accepted, the tattoo of the bias is also less and less.


Lhasa in this city full of cultural heritage, the natural tattoo art has its place. Satsuki engaged in tattoo occupation 9 years, in his studio, he stabbed us to witness the tattoo art unique, mysterious charm.According to him, the more and more tourists from all over the world come to Tibet. Many of them have many tattoo lovers. They come to Tibet and are willing to go home with tattoo art with Tibetan characteristics.


Post time: 01-18-2017


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