You can not miss the place一 Tibet

In the roof of the world in Tibet, in this magical plateau of the earth, has the world’s most beautiful natural scenery and the most unique ethnic charm. There are clear blue, smooth as a mirror, like a sapphire as enchanted lakes; here all over towering snow peaks, glaciers all year round, the vast forests; misty elegant white clouds such as the white Hada lingering in the mountains ; In full bloom in the country’s beautiful state of the prairie flocks of cattle and sheep; there are barley incense floating golden valley, rich and honest ethnic customs.

Everywhere, such as spreading a plateau on the most beautiful landscapes. Travel to Tibet is also a must for many travelers. Travel, in addition to enjoy the beautiful scenery, appreciate the most authentic folk customs, the most common is to use the camera in the hands of the journey to record the story.

Travel to Tibet, everyone should have their own trip to Tibet, with the hands of the camera to record this land magical images.






Post time: 12-27-2016


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