What should you pay attention to in Tibet

Due to the particularity of Tibet, it is necessary to understand the relevant knowledge before you entry Tibet,but also need not worry too much:
1、Psychological preparation:Although Tibet is sacred, it is not a restricted area,and the most different to other local tourism is,Tibet is plateau,and it is mainly ethnic Tibetan plateau.First of all, do not have the fear of the plateau,for normal people,go to Tibet is nothing more than a plateau tourism,even if there is a plateau reaction, but also a very normal thing,generally does not lead to life-threatening,and now the medical conditions in Tibet have greatly improved than in the past,it is a trivial matter to ease and treat the altitude sickness.So, if you don’t have any heart, blood, lung, brain and other aspects of the disease, you can go.

2、 Material preparation:Tibet is now well developed,basically the mainland to buy things can be bought in Tibet.And because of the improvement of traffic and the development of business, the price is not as expensive as the legend, so ,if you don’t have any special needs, you can not take anything with you, just money,you can live a good life in Tibet. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to bring anything,just say, go to Tibet, you may like to go to other places, to bring you should bring something.(Such as, to the plateau, it should be with sunscreen, lipstick, glasses, etc.)

3、About drugs:General medicine can be bought in Tibet,in particular, the treatment of high altitude sickness, it should be said that Tibet is better,but according to personal habits, can take cold medicine, motion sickness medicine, painkillers, glucose, gastrointestinal medicine etc.

In travel

1、Moderate drinking butter tea, dairy products and beef and mutton can enhance the ability to adapt to the highland climate
2、Entering the plateau more rest, drink more water to eat more fruit, smoking wine.Don’t run and strenuous exercise。
3、Diet should be moderate, not to eat and drink too much, so as not to increase the burden on the stomach.


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